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Space Navigation Systems and Devices. Radiolocation and Radio Navigation
The Determination of Satellite Clock Corrections for Precise Point Positioning with CDMA GNSS Signals
     Povalyaev A.A., Podkorytov A.N., Nikitin S.A., Filimonova D.V.
The Possibility of Independent Self-Positioning of a Vessel Based on Signals from the AIS System
     Trusov S.V., Baraboshkin O.I., Kuznetsov A.M., Bobrovskiy S.A.
Radio Engineering and Space Communication
Simulation of the Low-Power Part of Transceiving Modules of the C-Band for AESA of the MMIC Form
     Budnyaev V.A., Kravchenko I.V., Snegur D.A., Tumko V.V., Filippov I.F., Vertegel V.V.
Digital Signal Processing Using an RTL-SDR Dongle by the Example of FM signal
     Gubaydullin I.R., Mamedov T.T.
Passage of Electromagnetic Waves of Elliptical Polarization through a Flat Dielectric Plate
     Kurdyumov O.A., Sagach V.E.
Radio Frequency Provision and International Legal Protection of Frequency Assignments for Small Satellites
     Talanov A.A., Fedotov S.A.
Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Control, Data Processing, and Telemetry Systems
Concept of Constructing a Technological Model for Solving Semi-structured Problems on the Basis of Set Theory
     Betanov V.V., Larin V.K.
Algorithm to Analyze Spectral Characteristics of Snow and Cloud Cover Based on MSU-MR/Meteor-M  No. 2 Data
     Zubkova K.I., Grishantseva L.A., Kurevleva T.G., Skripchuk A.A., Morozov A.A.
Ways to Improve the Efficiency of the Spacecraft Flight Control System
     Panteleymonov I.N.
Solid-State Electronics, Radio Electronic Components, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Quantum Effect Devices
Calculated Experimental Evaluation of the Active Life of Microelectronic Devices for Space Purposes
     Bezmen V.P., Zhukov A.A., Ilyin S.M., Stepanov A.A., Vyalov A.I.