Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Control, Data Processing, and Telemetry Systems.
Earth Remote Sensing

Technology for Additional Testing of Onboard Equipment at the Orbital Station

Ageev M.M., Erokhin G.A., Zhukov A.A., Tyulin A.E., Khromov O.E., Yudanov N.A.


Temperature and Methods of Temperature Observations by Means of Optoelectronic Equipment
for Earth Remote Sensing Space Systems

Gektin Yu.M., Zorin S.M., Askerko M.V., Trofimov D.O.


An Approach to Studying the Planning Process for Using the Results of Space Activities

Antonova A.A.


Prospects for the Use of Machine Learning Methods to Analyze the State of Multi-Satellite Constellations According to Telemetry Information

Golovanov S.V., Yanchenko A.A.


Space Navigation Systems and Devices. Radiolocation and Radio Navigation

Current Status and Prospects for the Development of Methods for Determining the Motion Parameters of Low-Orbit Spacecraft with a High Accuracy

Voronetsky S.V., Zaichikov A.V.


Task of Autonomous Orientation of Orbital Spacecraft

Abezyaev I.N., Velichko P.E., Palkin M.V., Potselovkin A.I.


Radio Engineering and Space Communication

Estimation of Throughput Capacity of “Luch” Relay Satellites to Control Low Orbit Spacecraft
in S-Band Frequencies

Zhodzishsky А.I., Kraskov V.V., Leonov М.S., Ryabogin N.V.


Coherent Addition of QPSK Signals from Spaced Antennas with Complex Frequency Down-Сonversion

Vatutin S.I., Kozin P.A.


Considering the Influence of Parasitic Components in the Design of the K-Band Space Equipment

Nelin A.A., Poymalin V.E., Fomenko I.A.


Experience Generalisation in Ensuring Failure-Free Operation for Onboard Equipment
of Command Radio Links

Bulgakov N.N., Avramenko S.V., Zinchenko V.F., Semochkin A.S.


Solid-State Electronics, Radio Electronic Components,
Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Quantum Effect Devices

An Approach to Determining the Demand for Advanced Electronic Components for Space Applications

Krasnov M.I., Luk’yanov E.M.