Space Navigation Systems and Devices. Radiolocation and Radio Navigation
More Precise Definition of the Geometric Interpretation of Position Dilution of Precision in GNSS
      Vatutin S.I., Povalyaev A.A.
Radio Engineering and Space Communication
Perspective Digital Receiver of the Transmitter-Receiver Unit for On-Board Equipment of a Command-Measuring System
      Grigoryev A.A., Medova L.R., Ryzhakov M.V., Burkina M.S., Bulgakov N.N., Kruglov A.V.,
      Sidorenko I.E., Krivoshein A.A., Alybin A.V., Alybin V.G., Tzarkov A.V., Filatov I.V.
Principles of Creation of Unified On-Board Retransmission Complexes for Domestic Space Systems of Data Collection and Transmission
      Dorofeev Yu.B., Tulisov D.A, Belov D.A.
Efficiency of Application of Generalized Error-Locating Code in a High-Speed Radio Line
      Ershov A.N., Petrov S.V., Pyatoshin Yu.P., Konstantinov N.A.
Power Amplifier for the Transceiver Module of a Ka-band Active Phased Array
      Buyankin A. V., Trunova A. Yu., Nelin A.A., Ragulina L. E., Ryzhakov M.V.
Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Control, Data Processing, and Telemetry Systems
Technique to Determine Information Amount on the Space Rocket State in the Telemetric Messages Flow
      Kuimov А.V.
Application of Wavelet Transforms for Analysis and Compression of Telemetric Data of Vibration Processes
      Mamedov T.T., Gubaidulin I.R., Kosarev D.I., Oreshko V.V.
Methods of Controlled Diversity Reception of Telemetered Data
      Vorontsov V.L.
Automation of Control and Testing Processes for Prototypes of Rocket and Space Technology at Customer Test Sites
      Ivanov K.S., Bondareva M.K., Zhdanovich M.I., Petrenko A.N., Starikov E.A.
Development of Methods and Algorithms for Processing Earth Remote Sensing Data for Flood Risk Evaluation
      Dolgoborodov L.E., Savosin I.V.
Solid-State Electronics, Radio Electronic Components, Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Quantum Effect Devices
Characteristics of a Multilayer Switching Microwave Board for a Space Purpose Micromodule
      Zhukov A.A., Kalashnikov A.Yu., Poimalin V.E.
Historical Review
Memories of Several Events of the Moon Exploration Era in the Course of the Soviet E-8, E-8/5 Program and the US Apollo Program
      Molotov E.P., Yu.A. Timofeev