Space Navigation Systems and Devices. Radiolocation and Radio Navigation

Calibration of GLONASS Pseudorange Measurements from Combined GPS/GLONASS Receiver for SDCM User
      YU.V. Isaev, A.N. Podkorytov
Selection of GLONASS Satellites to Reduce the Error in Plane Coordinates Determination
      V.B. Pudlovskiy

Radio Engineering and Space Communication

Development of Highly Sensitive Receivers for Studying the Characteristics of the Antennas of Ground-Based Space Communication Systems
in the Upper Microwave Range
      A.V. Kalinin, V.A. Kalinin, M.N. Egorov, S.P. Moiseev, V.M. Vatutin, A.V. Polyakov, A.V. Sidorov, D.B. Sobolev
Problems of Synthesis of Adaptive Filters by Genetic Algorithms Methods
      V.M. Vatutin, S.A. Dontsov, A.V. Volya, V.O. Gusev, I.A. Neglyad

Systems Analysis, Spacecraft Control, Data Processing, and Telemetry Systems

Conceptual Design of Space Systems Based on Lean Principles
      V.YU. Klyushnikov, A.A. Romanov
Problem Issues of Creating Multisatellite Orbital Constellations Based on Small Spacecraft
      V.V. Betanov, S.A. Volkov, N.S. Danilin, A.Yu. Potyupkin,  A.S. Selivanov , Yu.A. Timofeev
Mathematical Model of Hierarchical Control of Reliability of the Spacecraft Onboard Systems with Changing Structure in Their Ground Testing
      V.A. Mironichev, M.I. Makarov, V.B. Rudakov
Creating the Solar Orientation of the Luna-Glob Spacecraft by the Photoelectric Sensor
      B.I. Zhukov, V.S. Yaroshevsky
Problematic Issues of Managing State Tests of Space Systems and Complexes and Ways of Their Solution
      V.A. Ermolayev, D.A. Pavlov, M.K. Bondareva, K.S. Ivanov

Solid-State Electronics, Radio Electronic Components,
Micro- and Nanoelectronics, Quantum Effect Devices

Prospects for the Creation of Piezoactuators for Measurement and Control Systems of Rocket and Space Technology and Ground Space Infrastructure
      S.I. Torgashin, I.N. Cheburakhin, V.G. Andreev, V.V. Kikot, V.S. Volkov